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... can you guess the killer?
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The Best of Today

:dalove: The Best of Today is my newest project in support of my fellow deviants.

I will feature a single piece that significantly impressed me daily. This feature will stay up 24 hours.

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DDs I've Suggested

I Suggest DDs by ClefairyKid
I am an avid Daily Deviation suggester. I try to make at least one suggestion every day.

Thus far, these pieces have been chosen. :deviation:

If you would like me to view a piece you believe is DD worthy: feel free to :note: me.

Random from Art For Me

Here's my way of saying...

Thank you! :dummy:

All art featured in this collection was created for me by other deviants either as a commission, prize, gift, etc.

Go admire all the absurdly amazingness within! :tantrum:

New to Literature on DA?

New to Literature on DA?
OfOneSoul here. :wave:

I'm attempting to take a greater role in the DA Literature Community. To begin with, I'll be featuring a few links: how to suggest a lit. piece for a DD, how to contact a lit. Community Volunteer, where to visit for great lit. news, etc.

Deviant Pages & Groups W/ Info On Lit.



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Anyone who is 18 years old and has a genuine interest can become a DA Volunteer.


FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on DeviantArt?

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Sorry for the absence. But...

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 7, 2014, 5:26 PM
Sorry for the absence. But...

I'll be back, shortly!


Just wanted to make a quick journal while I was in town to let you guys know... I'M SO SORRY FOR BEING GONE FOR THE PAST 2 WEEKS! Unfortunately the unexpected happened and I've been working in another city for work. I'm back home now! Finally. And... am actually stepping down from my manager position and am now going overnight! :dummy:

This is kind of a huge transition for me - but my fiance's grandfather is coming to live with us, so I have to be overnight to be home to help take care of my... grandfather-in-law. :confused: I think the change will be over-all better because I will be less stressed, will be working the same hours with my fiance... and...


Things I know you guyz are watching for...

- cuz you luvs meh. :meow:

:bulletblack: Ghost Stories Lit Contest Results! (These will be up tomorrow cuz I'm actually waiting on one more judge.) :heart:

:bulletblack: dANightsOfMystery parties & updates! (Seriously sorry about this. My work out of town was COMPLETELY unexpected. But this is over now and everything should return to normal!) :la:

:bulletblack: Moar lit-related things. (That are in my head and will be happening.) :stare:

:bulletblack: Me. You... you miss me. Right? :tears:

Don't give up on me! Life is just a bitch sometimes and doesn't have time for the internetz. :tantrum:

Special apololigies to everyone trying to contact me. betwixtthepages, NemoX7, copper9lives, astroliqht, and everyone else. I will be answering ALL 12,000+ messages tomorrow. THIS I SWEAR. :stare:

Keep on deviantARTing!

:heart: OfOneSoul

journal skin by STelari
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Tags, Features, and Sex. Maybe.

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 1, 2014, 11:44 PM
Yeah. There's no sex. You perverts. :iconstinkeyeplz:

But there are a few...


         :iconstarelaplz::iconlachoirplz:          :iconstarelaplz:

For the past week I've been sort of occupied with changes at work. Because of this I haven't been able to steal away and use WhatABurger's free internetz! :tears: Now, however; the hectic time has passed [AKA Halloween is over] and I can get back to my regular time spent on DA. Like... a lot of time... on DA. :stare:

:iconstaredanceplz: :iconhumpingplz: :iconstaredanceplz:

Upcoming dANightsOfMystery & Contest Judging

As some of you may have realized...

- the Ghost Stories Lit. Contest has ended.

For those of you wondering - judging has now commenced and if you can be patient with IrrevocableFate, DreamingAutumn, DrippingWords, and I... we'll try to have the results up by Friday, November 7th, 2014. :hooray:

As for upcoming NOMs??? :sherlock:

copper9lives & I are still looking for guests for:

dANOM: The SpeakeasydANightsOfMystery presents...

... drinking illegally isn't the only crime here.

First and foremost; this Murder Mystery Party is being hosted by the group dANightsOfMystery.
We've been awaiting the perfect opportunity to catch the infamous gangster, Ricco Maestri, red-handed. Now - we might have just caught him with his pants down. Word is he's hosting a party over at his basement speakeasy to celebrate his newest shipment of some fancy alcohol from up Canada's way. He won't get to pop the first bottle of champagne if my precinct has anything to say about it.
So suit up and let's get down there before some weasel leaks our plan and Ricco Maestri gets away... again.

& betwixtthepages announced our most recent party:

Murder on the Galactic Express--ResultsdANightsOfMystery presents...
Murder on the Galactic Express
... space travel is no picnic.

First and foremost; this Murder Mystery Party is being hosted by the group dANightsOfMystery.
Esteemed Guests (and shady naysayers)...
This ticket is to be presented at 9 pm to the gatekeepers of the Galactic Express.  Do not fear--they will not be running names or checking backgrounds for this event.  Destination: Unity Space Station.  Time of arrival: early to mid-morning. 
Please join me in celebrating Ambassador Lockwood's rise to power with a travel

Guests are still needed for both! So all my NOMMERZ, get to :note:ing!

As always - I would seriously appreciate :points: donations! :flirty:

We all know I host a lot of stuff... we all know how much I love doing it. :eyes: Point Donations SERIOUSLY go a long way for me. I love donating prizes for other peoplez events as well as awarding winners in my own - but my pockets are only so deep, contrary to what NemoX7 thinks. [I'm not Smaug. :stare:] So if any of you lovely individuals could spare a few extra :points:??? I will SHOWER you with love. :love:

Although this is a bit late (hopefully I can be forgiven :pray: ) - I'd like to announce the winners of IrrevocableFate & DreamingAutumn's contest, Bestest Friend Lit. Contest, with a feature of all the winners! :dummy:

First Place: introverted-ghost w/ their piece:

postmaster, we are lost in transitionmy regrets refuse to compromise
& i find myself thinking of you when the post comes:
i have lost the quiet way your envelopes tore,
the stilted tilt of your alphabet
etched in a hurried, cramped hand.
i have forgotten the curiosity of american stamps
& the hastily scribbled return address--
i could not reach out to you now,
no matter how much i wished it,
for the numbers of your home have blended
& lost themselves within my disjointed memory.
your daughter will be growing,
lengthening into a child instead of an infant,
& these letters are far from your mind,
buried beneath plans for dinner
& the grocery list you hope to make during her nap.
we have come unsent, you and i,
& i cannot find enough stamps to post
everything we leave unsaid.

the polar opposite of translucencycradled in the echo
of a cloudburst,
the earth curls invisible fingers
about my achilles' tendon
& pulls;
she cries that i am not
intended for the clouds,
that my mind must not wander
between their susurrous concaves
so i,
furious with her insistence,
her petulance,
untether myself from the soft,
diaphonous comfort of the heavens
& sink,
down into the weight of gravity.
listless green blades welcome my soles,
stimulating a tickle,
an itch,
a sneeze; i never have done well
with nature,
but oh,
she is calling for me,
soft-tongued and crisp in her
own shadow,
& i am sorely tempted
but no,
i am not for the soil.
lungs listless,
she becomes my inhale;
& translucent,
my alveoli shudder
beneath her force--
i am not for the air, either.
i stand beneath her onslaught
until she tires,
her molten heart beating beneath my toes;
unable to woo me with her facets,
she pirouettes,
cloaking me in one last attempt,
a final shadow.
my pores bloom
& i r
cold-limbed and wanderingi am nothing more than a
minuscule dandelion seed
ruffled loose by a stray boot,
never settling upon a surface.
suspended between currents,
i watch the world slip by beneath me,
shifting those that i love,
those that i have wished to love,
and those that i have failed to love.
it is a life of muted gold and elegant purples,
of suffocating blues
and tendrils of peaceful white;
it is a life spent in the soft,
deceptive fog
that cloys at the back of my throat like a stutter.
it is the green that creeps up my calves
as if it were a living being,
ready and willing to absorb me,
ankles first;
it is the weeds that curl across
pale patches of dampened soil
in search of un-muted light,
desperate for transcendence;
it is the soft thrum of a misplaced piano
that i cannot find,
that plays on into the ether forever
despite my wildest searchings,
my deepest lookings.
the end comes once,
a thousand times
in dazzling, bruised gold
blinding in its softness on my exterior,
an exterior that feels
the sadness will last forevercolours pin-wheel on the horizon,
off-set by the recalcitrance within
arthritic bones; quiet
breathings-- softened sighs disappear
in the endless looping.
a swallow's nest of exhalation,
used canvas lies taut beneath whorls
imagined in the dark recess of partial sanity;
bars rust beneath the shame of what they hold tame,
a master-stroke aching to self-suffocate.
gently replicated,
the olive trees lie weeping on linen and gesso
as earth coats the oesophagus,
heady with the remnants of decomposition:
brother lies by disused brother--
a century late,
the world shakes in sorrow.

Second Place: notCindyChen w/ their piece:

seven ways to win your best friend's heart i. tell her things will be okay
cover her imperfections,
replace her insecurities with compliments
and reassurances.
( you helped me learn to love myself )
ii. forgive her 
when she apologizes.
wrap her in a tight hug.
tell her it’s okay.
( i’m sorry i ever hurt you. )
iii. take her feelings
( my anger, sadness, and worries. )
put them on a shelf.
and help her walk away.
iv. don’t break your promises
( that hurts more than you know )
and don’t make promises
if you know they’ll be broken.
v. make her laugh
until she’s crying tears of joy
and you can’t get her to stop.
( i love how your jokes only get cheesier )
vi. stay
even if destiny takes you miles away.
( don’t leave, because i’ll miss you. )
vii. know
that she’ll do the same for you
any day.
( because i love you. )

(not) white and prettygrandma once told me i wasn’t white enough
because of my
sunkissed skin and
ankle sock tans.
against all the other a m e r i c a n girls,
i’m dull,
a weed against all the roses.
i wanted to—
h i d e behind layers of makeup,
underneath foundation and concealer and blush and
finally have pretty, full, lips that aren’t cracked and bitten and
eyelashes that are way longer than naturally possible.
i’m not

my legs are too short;
my arms are twigs and
my body like a shapeless cardboard box.
my hair is brown and unstyled,
my face is imperfect,
my eyes lined with dark circles.
i were just a bit paler,
my hair just a bit lighter,
my legs just a bit longer;
maybe, then, i could be pretty too.
i know what grandma was saying when she told me
i wasn’t white enough;
but i don’t want to be another clone,
faceless and shapeless against all the colors of the world.
i’d rather be me:
all five feet, n
022. OnlineAndrew is offline. He will receive your messages when he signs in.
    Me: Hey! It was really nice to meet you at the convention last weekend. (: Not sure if you still remember me, but yeah. I actually came across your name on the roster for the math competition next month. I didn’t know you were doing that! But I guess I’ll see you around more, soon? (;
    Alright, so, maybe I had developed a slight crush on the guy who’d presented his project on an image guided drug releasing nanoparticle to treat cancer. He was cute and nice and funny the few times I’d talked to him at the convention. I found that he lived in my area. And participated in the same kinds of extra curricular activities I did.
    … and I found all that out through Facebook stalking. Is that something a normal person would do? Is it even acceptable? As I stared at the screen, I wondered if he even remembered me, and if he’d think I&
PathetiqueHer name was Aria, and she talked through her music.
Otherwise, she was silent. Nobody knew why; just that something awful had happened to her, something awful enough to take away her voice. Her eyes were always sad, and her smiles were always forced.
Sometimes, I’d hear her play the piano. When she played, her sadness would disappear, replaced by something like bliss; but only for as long as the song lasted. If one listened closely when she played, one can hear her voice: sweet, sincere. And if one looked closely enough, a genuine smile can be seen. But she’s in another world, one of music, unreachable by the rest of us.
I asked her to play for me once, to which she obliged happily. She chose the second movement of Beethoven’s Eighth Sonata. I knew it was one of her favorites because I had heard her play it often. She always executed the piece flawlessly - the beautiful A major chords, the famous cantabile melody, the rise and fall of each line. I could tell w

Third Place: julietcaesar w/ their piece:

The Giant and the GrasshopperDear Lili,
Distance did not destroy us, it made us.
These days, our memories are like water slipping through clasped fingers. “You were hiding behind your mother,” you told me about the first time we met face-to-face. “No, I wasn’t, I was standing right in front of her,” I said back, and then we both laughed. Why did that matter? We met.
We blazed our path to friendship through our words. Meeting in the hallowed green passageways of deviantART was just the start. From comments, it escalated to notes, then to handwritten letters arriving in my suburban Australian letterbox. dA prints. Mix CDs. A panda painting. Even a collage of my own words, to remind me of their vulnerable truths and searing self-analysis.
“A journey is measured by friends, not miles,” says a carefully cut-out magazine clipping, along with my own prophetic words: Life lessons are not learnt by rote.
When we first talked, I was a word thief cut from the cloth of insecurity, scr

Summer SnowDecember 3rd 2010
"Daddy, can we take a photo with Santa? Please?"
John Snow glanced at the bulbous red shape on the sleigh and scowled. It was only midday and the line stretched from the sleigh to the bookshop fifty metres down. It twisted and turned with the hundreds of Christmas shoppers that packed the shopping centre, their hot sweaty bodies jostling against him and his daughter Maddy. She strained towards the line with her head, eyes wide and desperate.
"Please, Daddy! I want to see Santa."
"You can see him from here."
Maddy's lips formed into a pout. "You know what I mean, Daddy."
John could feel the blast of cold air from a hidden air-conditioner, but it was not enough to dry up the sweat running down his face. The temperature outside was fast reaching thirty degrees Celsius and set to hit mid-thirties. He pictured his car melting alongside the pitiful Christmas shopping they had done so far: a couple of books, some toys, wrapping paper that was already torn on the corner. Madd
Heidelberg, 2011Heidelberg, your streets run
with the blood of philosophers -
roses and rubies cascade
where they once meditate upon
the river Neckar, the pink stones
of fallen castles to be spat upon
by the people. Heidelberg,
your history outweighs the secrets,
it catacombs through snow
like coffee grains wedged
between wrinkled stones.
The Altstadt is your legacy,
an anachronism; the Hauptstrasse
rambles through like a goatherd
beating a path for sheep; The Universitat
boasts arches and sandstones enduring
on history's pedestal - now lost
in the squall of market stalls peddling bratwurst
in the rain.
Heidelberg, from the Philosophenweg
I can see autumn's shadow collide
past and present, when summer leaves
brown in fainter sunshine, curl and whisk away
to dust the crimson rooftops, the pebbled paths
that once inspired scholarly thoughts.
Under my feet they promise of snow
sleeting from the peaks
of gingerbread mountains, white
and sugary, clumped
and rolled by human hands. I stumble,
and the earth c
St RainI called him St Rain. He didn't go by any other name; he was as nameless as a baby in the Middle Ages and he didn't seem to care. He came to school in bare feet but wore his school uniform with pride. Even as the dust of the desert came sweeping over from the plains, dirtying the white of our school shirts, he would smile and simply turn to the clouds.
That's when I thought he had something to do with the rain.
The drought had been going on for more than ten years now and the dam levels were reaching critical levels never seen before. Five years ago, we could still skip stones across the plummeting water but now they just go plop in the ooze, or sank into white crystals that were spilling from the earth as the waters fell. Someone pointed out it was free salt and we didn't have to go rummaging the city stores for our ever diminishing supplies but we all knew this was the type of sodium chloride we should avoid.
St Rain didn't care.
When the sun popped over the horizon and the kangaroos

Congratulations to you all!

:iconclapplz: :iconclapplz: :iconclapplz:

Up next??? :iconeagerpee:

I've been tagged.

1.) Answer the questions.
2.) Tag two people.
3.) Have fun! Make the answers long or as short as you like.

1. When did you discover you enjoyed writing?
In elementary school my teacher had a "creative writing" project during class. She wrote down three words on the board and we had to make a story out of it. The words? Ballet, Butterflies, & Pond. I wrote a story called The Butterly Ballet that I still remember to this day as being magical. This event sparked my love for writing. :heart:

2. What are your strengths in writing?
I feel that I have a knack for creating interesting, believable characters. I WILL NOT write a character until I know what drives them. Until I understand them COMPLETELY. Because of this - I think my characters usually come across as "relatable" to readers. :shrug:

3. Your weaknesses?
Common things. Like using too many adverbs; showing instead of telling. Things I am DESPERATELY trying to work on. :facepalm:

4. What is your favourite genre to write in?
HORROR PROSE. Forever and always. :|

5. Do you consider yourself a good writer?
I believe it is something I'm gifted for. Something I was meant to do. :blush:

6. Do you like to let a lot of people in real life read your work?
My fiance reads my work. I'd led my dog, Rambo, read it... but he'd probably just look at me the whole time and beg for a treat. :shrug:

7. How often do you write?
As often as I can or as often as the ideas come. Whichever hits first! :hooray:

8. Who are your favourite authors? Why?
ALL TIME FAVORITE AUTHOR IS AGATHA CHRISTIE. She is my inspiration in almost EVERYTHING I write. I LOVE And Then There Were None. LOVE IT. :stare:

9. Do you have any OCs? If you do, describe your favourite one.
OH GAWD. Who do I choose??? :confused: How about... Gust?! :drool:

:thumb482865421: The Abandonment by CristianaLeone

Gust is broody, sexy, angry, and a half-breed. I can't talk about him enough. :horny:

10. If you write fanfics, for what fandoms do you do so?
I actually don't write fanfics. But I DID write a boyXboy piece for a Secret Santa once. It was a Thorki [Thor & Loki] piece. You can check it out I suppose... if you're not offended by that sort of thing. :stare: Winter Storms

11. Do you prefer writing by hand or typing?
TYPING. Cuz I get crampz and stuff. :tears:

12. Are you a huge critic when it comes to writing?
I don't feel it's my place to criticize something I am only a novice at. Why would I tell someone to do something better when I don't know how to do it myself? :no: I don't see the point.

13. What format do you most like to write in? (Prose, short story, poetry, vignettes, etc?)
Hmmmm. I actually tend to write Short Stories more than anything. I find them easy to get started, easy to finish, and all-around fulfilling. :la:

I tag NemoX7 & betwixtthepages!!!

Another... rather exciting thing. For meh anywayz. :flirty:


By the magnificent, sexah chromeantennae!

Adjusting The Antennae (Ep. 15)Hello to everyone! I’m so excited to see you could make it to this very special 15th installment of ‘Adjusting The Antennae’ on the spooooookiest of days! Yes, that's right, I have a very special Halloween episode for you all, today! I hope you are all well, enjoying your Halloween and eating a bunch of candy if you celebrate it and if you're like me who doesn't celebrate Halloween, I hope you also get a bunch of candy because you deserve it and you're perfect. I also hope you're enjoying fall as well as it is my favorite season of the year!
Today's guest is an absolute fantastic deviant in every way but before I introduce this lovely and adorable lady, I am your host, chromeantennae
 and I'm glad to have you all here for the 15th episode of ATA. It is an absolute honor to be a part of your day on deviantART. 
And my guest for today’s show is the incomparable OfOneSoul. Kimberly here is one of the

Check it out and shower him with love! Check out his past interviews as well. They're all interesting, informative, AND entertaining. :eyes:

Check out my latest Weekly Forum Lit. Contest...

- Android: A Micro-Fiction Contest.

And then mozy on over to these other projects/contests:
:iconlawooplz: :iconlaplz: :iconlawooplz:

Holiday Horrors--A ContestThe holidays are creeping up on us with surprising speed, and you all know what THAT means!
Being trampled under a mob of crazy Black Friday shoppers; fighting to the death over the perfect turkey; Christmas tree cannibals!
Okay, so maybe I made the last one up, but it brings us to the point of this contest!
tales of the frightening, the gruesome, and the not-so-wanted gifts!
For the point of this contest, I will NOT be counting Halloween as a holiday (because that would be too easy, and you guys need to take a path less traveled by this time). Holidays you MIGHT consider when writing your piece:
--Run Up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day
--New Years
--Do a Grouch a Favor Day
--Valentines Day
--Waffle Iron Day
--Columbus Day
--Virus Appreciation Day
….OBVIOUSLY, I'm being very broad in the definition of “holiday.” If you find a unique (or funny?, or ironic?) holiday you think you can make work for th
Introducing Project S.E.A.
What is Project S.E.A.?

Project S.E.A. is an idea that leapt, no more like cannonballed, its way into my mind. I figured that perhaps I had finally come up with a grand design to share in deviantArt's community spirit. So here I am in full throe of formulating a three piece suite of an event which I hope everybody will take part in and enjoy.
But what is Project S.E.A.? I hear you cry. Well, if you grant me a minute or two then I shall endeavour to share with you all my eager peeps.
The idea for Project S.E.A. came to me while I was in the middle of self-evaluating my time on deviantArt as a member. I thought that over the past 3 years I have been given support not just through my poetry but also emotionally too with my own private struggles. I have myself supported others with their own work and problems. Then my mind began to think about encouragement and how members on deviantA

Lili's 27th Birthday Contest!Every year since I was 21, I've hosted a literature contest for my birthday.
This year, I'm back at it with a bit of a twist!
If there is anything that my many years on dA has taught me,
it is that collaboration creates some of the most beautiful work imaginable. 

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It
Collaborate with at least one other deviant to create an original piece of writing.
Rules For Entry
1. You can only enter one collaborative work into the contest.
2. You can work in groups of 2-3 people.
3. Your work should be posted on or after the contest start date.
4. Prose should be no more than 2,500 words. Poetry no longer than 150 lines.
5. Mature content is allowed as long as all appropriate filters are used.
6. There are no restrictions on c

Keep on deviantARTing!

:heart: OfOneSoul

journal skin by STelari
old paper texture by frameofthoughts

dANOM: The Coven Winners!

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 1, 2014, 9:44 PM
dANightsOfMystery presents...


... dead and undead.

First and foremost; this Murder Mystery Party was hosted by the group dANightsOfMystery.


A recap about the party...


Join us as we usher our newest sacrifice from the light into the darkness. Our lovely Madeline Briarwood has chosen to walk our path... and we are happy to assist. I know many of you are concerned about the hunter's presence. As your ancestors have done for hundreds of years before you... trust me that his attendance is not sinister. In order to keep this fragile peace between the hunters and our coven, one of their ranks must be present at every feeding. It is the pact I, your elder, agreed to 100 years ago and that you must obey. Please do young Madeline the honor of attending her rebirth.

Sincerely yours,

The Coven Elder

Date & Time it took place:
(This time is subject to change.)

Sunday, October 26th, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.
Central Time (US & Canada)

The Winners

I would like to thank EVERYONE who joined us for this amazing event. dANightsOfMystery's most recent party was a true success thanks to you. I think everyone that attended would agree with me when I say...


But you wanna know who won those fabulous prizes, right? :flirty:
Well don't fret, because here are the winners! :nuu:

:winner: First Place
For guessing the killer.

:icondrippingwords: DrippingWords :icondrippingwords:

swallow the universedecay remembers you --
fever breath and ocean-eyed ghosts,
secrets that smoke with poison desire.
we wake only to drink, to devour
the naked voices of dismantled stars.
glass kisses turn into granite lips
and pillars of salt; a haunted embrace
melts into the cracks of the universe.
Heat AdvisoryWe are an air-mass thunderstorm at the height
of an Indian summer -- a cloudburst colliding
into a cyclone, raising the temperature of any
who wander through our sweaty inversion.
I soar above the earth buoyed on your thermals,
straight into a clap of thunder conceived by
lightning fever. A roiling heatwave travels
across our connection, evaporating the atmosphere
surrounding the eye of our storm. Your humid
breath wisps over the thermodynamics of my skin,
pushing cumulonimbus up the drought in my spine.
Muggy kisses trail down my body like volcanic ash,
a haze blurring the lines between our hurricanes.
And as the barometer spikes, my heartbeat quickens;
I am sucked into the vortex of your tropical storm.
a monster's romanticsI got a nervous habit and I drink too much.
Can you tell I haven’t slept very well since the last time
that we spoke? “We’re killing time just a little bit faster.”
The words come with a new kind of sadness.
If it looks like Armageddon’s coming down today,
please don’t tell me that I’m dreaming; I can’t tell
if he’s real or a made-up version of her again. And
the hardest part of living is just taking breaths to stay.

:winner: Second Place
For guessing the killer, but not solving the case.

:iconastroliqht: astroliqht :iconastroliqht:

New OC: Ash by astroliqht And Then There Were ThreeOn a day just like any other, a mom and her daughter into a toyshop. They walk the ordinary aisles, with their ordinary toys. They come the aisle of dolls just like any other and the daughter's eyes come to rest upon a doll, which by chance, was certainly NOT like any other. But how could they have known? To them it was just a doll on a shelf. The daughter, as a young daughter would, pleaded for the doll, the doll with the pretty pink dress, the pretty green eyes, and the pretty peace sign she held up.
The mother of course agreed, for what mother would refuse their daughter the thing she wanted most? The daughter cried out her thanks as her mother took it off the shelf. She gave herself a small smile. They go up to the cashier, just a bored looking girl chewing bubblegum. But her demeanor suddenly changed as she saw the seemingly ordinary doll. "You don't want that one. Any one but that one." The mother looked puzzled, while the daughter just plain furious. "Why not?" the mother asked,
DTA for candyt8 by astroliqht

:winner: Third Place
For being the killer.

:iconhazelstar67: Hazelstar67 :iconhazelstar67:

Happy Halloween- Free Pumpkin Icon! by Hazelstar67 Storm- Prologue                                                                                                         Prologue
            The sun was at its highest point in its daily journey across the sky. Warm light lit all, cold and shadows nowhere to be found. Mistystar padded across the soft green grass, looking around in awe. It wasn't her first time seeing StarClan, but every time she came she was filled with wonder. She
Halloween- Free Ghost Icon by Hazelstar67

Thank you all, so much! From me and everyone at dANightsOfMystery!


:iconclapplz: :iconclapplz: :iconclapplz:

The Prizes They've Won

I will :note: you all about your prizes as soon as I can.

:winner: First Place
For guessing the killer.

3 Month Premium Membership - OfOneSoul
Permanent Feature in our Featured Folder - dANightsOfMystery
200 :points: - OfOneSoul
3 Wishes Granted - betwixtthepages
Poetry Commish - betwixtthepages
1 Lit. Commish - astroliqht
1 Full Body Colored Drawing - Zephyras-Lied
1 Lit Tag - Amarantheans
1 Critique - OfOneSoul

:winner: Second Place
For guessing the killer, but not solving the case.

1 Month Premium Membership - OfOneSoul
100 :points: - OfOneSoul
3 Wishes Granted - betwixtthepages
Poetry Commish - betwixtthepages
1 Pagedoll - astroliqht
1 Lit Tag - Amarantheans
1 Critique - OfOneSoul

:winner: Third Place
For being the killer.

1 Month Premium Membership - OfOneSoul
100 :points: - OfOneSoul
3 Wishes Granted - betwixtthepages
Poetry Commish - betwixtthepages
1 Glitch Icon - astroliqht
1 Lit Tag - Amarantheans
1 Critique - OfOneSoul

All winners will receive a journal feature from OfOneSoul! :dummy:

Prizes will be handed out after the party... so no, you cannot guess the killer by seeing who recently got a 1 Month Sub.

The Guest List

Thank you to EVERYONE who attended! Although the party had a few bumps thanks to guests not appearing & DA deciding to crash for a minute there... I still managed to have a lot of fun! And I hope you did to and that you'll join us again for another Night of Mystery!

journal skin by STelari
old paper texture by nevermoregraphix

Journal History


Kimberly Leffel
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

It's my time to shine! :iconwooooplz:

Stamp: OfOneSoul by BloodshotInk Favorite Favorites Stamp by ValaSedai by OfOneSoul The Narrative Kind of Lit. Stamp by ClefairyKid
Devious Nights of Mystery Stamp COM by ClefairyKid Stamp Commission by OKneko The Voice Project Stamp by ClefairyKid

My name is Kimberly Leffel and I am an artistic hobbyist. I draw because I have some skill and enjoy learning new things. I am mostly a writer and am working on several novel projects, including: The Abandonment, Loose Lips, His Name is Atlas, Sundown Ranch, Destiny's Wicked Games, and Blood Regent with my gorgeous friend, awholelotofflowers.

When it comes to writing I hope to make a career of it... all it takes is one day at a time. For a long time I forgot about DA, but now that I'm in a stable living environment, have an amazing fiance, and plenty of artistic time, I can get back on the bandwagon. :love:

I have officially been a member of this community for 4 Years. In January 2013 I was made a Senior Member by fourteenthstar; check out the Seniority Announcement here. For now, I continue my plan to help other artists of this wondrous website. I'm a Prose Admin. over at LitRecognition and am always accepting suggestions for features. Check out my guidelines on my profile! I am a Recruiter for inknalcohol's wonderful group, BeACritic. I am also a moderator over at the ever-productive and promotional group, GetDailyDeviations. I'm also the founder of two groups [under construction]:

:icondanightsofmystery: & :iconauthors-roundtable:

I love you all and can't wait to see what new works DA has to offer me today!

:heart: OfOneSoul :tighthug:

Feel free to add me on skype. :happybounce:

My username is "ofonesoul".

My beautiful devID is credit to WintersRead, my gorgeous avatar is thanks to ValaSedai, my badass "lit tag" is credit to inknalcohol, my killer journal skins are all thanks to STelari, and my SCWHEET gallery icons are all because of ClefairyKid. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

awholelotofflowers is my hoe, SavageFrog is the Frogson (Watson) to my Oneslock (Sherlock), NemoX7 (AKA Inspector Nemo) is my Llama Canon Inventor, LadyBitterblue is my love, HugQueen is my favorite CV :flirty:, betwixtthepages is my inspiration, and LadyLincoln is my idol! :dummy:


Deviants I Work With

... whether through commission or professional collaboration.

:iconawholelotofflowers: awholelotofflowers :iconawholelotofflowers:

This sexy lady and I are working on a novel together with the working title...

- Blood Regent.


Here's our intros to our characters.

Blood Regent: FaithfulThe rosary beads were cold on his fingertips. The old bricks of the church smelled of mold, corroded by the decades of winds breezing up from the Loch.
“Oh, my God, I am heartfully sorry for having offended Thee," he began reciting. He rolled the bead along the edge of his finger. The words spilled from his lips, memorized but still genuine. He lifted the stick until the votive candle finally breathed flame.
“- and I detest all my sins because of Thy just punishment, but most of all because I have offended Thee, my God…”
“Garrett,” a voice called from behind him.
“- Who is all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve…”
“Garrett, haven’t you asked enough?”
Garrett felt a hand brush his shoulder. His scar rubbed against the cloth and the feeling was unpleasant. Distant memories clouded his mind much like the skies the day he received the mark. He trembled as if lightning were coursing through him again.
Blood Regent: An Introduction“I’m sorry, you’re doing what?”
Danica threw another pair of underwear into her suitcase, not bothering to make even a semblance of folding. She wasn’t happy about the need to pack, and if she didn’t get to complain about it and have people take her seriously, she was damn well going to get to throw shit around like a freaking toddler. She turned to her friend—all five-five, mocha-skinned, ready to rip someone a new one of her—and put on her best frustrated face. “Look, Cass, I told you already.”
“Oh, I’m sorry that it’s taking me more than a minute to grasp the fact that you agreed to marry some bozo named Scott Finnegan.”
“He’s not a bozo,” she muttered, half-assed. She wasn’t even really fighting it, he was a bozo, but he was a bozo who had money and seemed to like the idea of having an intellectual for a trophy wife. He wasn’t her proudest moment—fifteen ye

Deviants I will commission forever & always and recommend to everyone:
:iconclefairykid:, :iconvalasedai:, :iconstelari:, :iconpainted-bees:, :iconnamirenn:, :iconkimir-ra:, :iconirenhorrors:,
:iconeferroli:, :iconamericandork:, :icondjinngin:, :iconkeelerleah:, & :iconcristianaleone:


Coeur de Pirate by AquaSixio

Coeur de Pirate

by AquaSixio
I would love it if someone would buy me AquaSixio's Coeur de Pirate. Not only is it gorgeous & creative but it's my favorite fucking piece of theirs. :stare:
CHECK IT OUT, NOW! :happybounce:

If anyone is feeling generous or perhaps... feels like wasting some of their hard-earned :points: and/or money - feel free to buy me something I don't actually need. :tighthug:


OfOneSoul has started a donation pool!
3,390 / 5,000

OfOneSoul here! :wave: I would greatly appreciate any :points: donations you, my lovelies, could give! I purchase a lot of premiums for people and try my best to donate prizes for contests and other projects. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!

You must be logged in to donate.

DailyLitRecognition: Prose Admin.

Send me your prose suggestions!

I am a LitRecognition Prose Admin.!


Hi, everyone! :wave: I have recently joined on as a Prose Admin. over at the lovely group, DailyLitRecognition, or LitRecognition. I am now accepting suggestions through :note: for prose pieces you think deserve to be featured. :heart: My preferences are:

:bulletblack: Fiction
:bulletblack: Horror/Thriller
:bulletblack: Tragedy
:bulletblack: Romance
:bulletblack: Self-suggestions

Do not suggest:

:bulletred: Chaptered works
:bulletred: Fan-Fiction
:bulletred: POETRY

You know... cuz I'm a prose admin. :iconfacepalmplz:

Please include in your :note: a :thumb: for the piece you're suggesting - and if you wish, a few sentences explaining why you think it deserves a feature. :huggle:

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Announcing the winner of my latest forum contest, Monsters: A Micro-Fiction Contest! :hooray: 

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No deviants said Now how about the winner of the last contest??? Which one am I talking about? :paranoid:


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