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... can you guess the killer?
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dANOM: The Coven

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 22, 2014, 3:42 PM
dANightsOfMystery presents...


... dead and undead.

First and foremost; this Murder Mystery Party is being hosted by the group dANightsOfMystery.



Join us as we usher our newest sacrifice from the light into the darkness. Our lovely Madeline Briarwood has chosen to walk our path... and we are happy to assist. I know many of you are concerned about the hunter's presence. As your ancestors have done for hundreds of years before you... trust me that his attendance is not sinister. In order to keep this fragile peace between the hunters and our coven, one of their ranks must be present at every feeding. It is the pact I, your elder, agreed to 100 years ago and that you must obey. Please do young Madeline the honor of attending her rebirth.

Sincerely yours,

The Coven Elder

Current Date & Time
(This time is subject to change.)

Sunday, October 26th, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.
Central Time (US & Canada)

How to Sign Up

:bulletred: You must be a contributor or member of the group, dANightsOfMystery.

:bulletred: You must be able to attend Sunday, October 26th, 2014.

:bulletred: You must :note: OfOneSoul with the subject line: The Coven. You must include the following sentence in the body of your :note::

I accept your invitation to The Coven.

Unfortunately, there is not an unlimited number of guest spots. So it's first come, first serve. If you do not follow the sign up rules, your sign up will not be counted.

Thankfully, we will have a waiting list for those who do not make it in time. What this means is that if the guest list is full by the time you sign up, you will be added to the waiting list. That way if someone suddenly drops out you will be up next for the spot. :heart:

How It Works

:bulletpurple: After the guest list is full - each member who has signed up will receive a :note: confirming that they understand the rules. It will also be your chance to have input on the time we host the party (just in case 1 p.m. is not good for you).

:bulletpurple: After you confirm that you understand the rules & that you are okay with the chosen time - you will receive a :note: that not only tells you How To Play the game, but also the character you will be playing as. You must then confirm that you understand your character. (You can still drop out at this point.)

:bulletpurple: From this point, you will have however long after you've confirmed your character to develop your character you will be role-playing until the party night. Feel free to :note: me any questions during this time period.

:bulletpurple: An hour or two before the party you will receive a :note: that has a link to the dA Chatroom where the party will be hosted.

:bulletpurple: There are three ways to win a prize in this competition. First, you can win the grand prize by guessing the killer. Second, you can win the secondary prize by being a runner up to whoever guesses the killer. Third, you can win the third prize by playing the murderer and/or murderess (if offered).

Current Prizes

This will be continuously updated as prizes are donated.

:winner: First Place
For guessing the killer.

3 Month Premium Membership - OfOneSoul
Permanent Feature in our Featured Folder - dANightsOfMystery
200 :points: - OfOneSoul
3 Wishes Granted - TwilightPoetess
Poetry Commish - TwilightPoetess
1 Full Body Colored Drawing - Zephyras-Lied
1 Lit Tag - sophietapia
1 Critique - OfOneSoul

:winner: Second Place
For guessing the killer, but not solving the case.

1 Month Premium Membership - OfOneSoul
100 :points: - OfOneSoul
3 Wishes Granted - TwilightPoetess
Poetry Commish - TwilightPoetess
1 Lit Tag - sophietapia
1 Critique - OfOneSoul

:winner: Third Place
For being the killer.

1 Month Premium Membership - OfOneSoul
100 :points: - OfOneSoul
3 Wishes Granted - TwilightPoetess
Poetry Commish - TwilightPoetess
1 Lit Tag - sophietapia
1 Critique - OfOneSoul

All winners will receive a journal feature from OfOneSoul! :dummy:

Prizes will be handed out after the party... so no, you cannot guess the killer by seeing who recently got a 1 Month Sub.

The Guest List

1. :iconawholelotofflowers: awholelotofflowers
2. :iconlili-luu: lili-luu
3. :iconsilverinkblot: SilverInkblot
4. :iconzephyras-lied: Zephyras-Lied
5. :iconhazelstar67: Hazelstar67
6. :iconvalira1366: Valira1366
7. :icon1-800-senpai: 1-800-Senpai
8. :iconsophietapia: sophietapia
9. :icon7demented: 7Demented
10. :iconsmith4891: smith4891

If you did not make the Guest List you can still be added to our Waiting List. Know that deviants tend to drop out until the very end, so if you're next on The Waiting List you'll still get to join the party.

I know this only gives me a few days to find guests... :paranoid: BUT I DON'T CARE! :dummy: I got SUPER excited about this idea - and I'm gonna host this party, by golly! BTW - if anyone can donate prizes, I'll reward you with sex "love". :horny:

journal skin by STelari
old paper texture by nevermoregraphix

dANOM: The Seance Winners!

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 19, 2014, 8:18 PM
dANightsOfMystery presents...


First and foremost; this Murder Mystery Party was hosted by the group dANightsOfMystery.


A recap about the party...


It has come to my attention that the police department has yet to find the late Mr. Geoffry Woodard's Last Will & Testament. Considering my unusual talents, I would like to offer my help in this investigation. I invite you all to come to my home where I, OfOneSoul, and my special contact, Valira1366, will give Mr. Woodard a call and see what the dead have to say.

Cordially yours,

The Medium

Date & Time it took place:
(This time is subject to change.)

Sunday, October 19th, 2014 at 6:00 p.m.
Central Time (US & Canada)

The Winners

I and Valira1366 would like to thank EVERYONE who joined us for this amazing event. dANightsOfMystery's Revival Party was a true success thanks to you. I think everyone that attended would agree with me when I say...


But you wanna know who won those fabulous prizes, right? :flirty:
Well don't fret, because here are the winners! :nuu:

:winner: First Place
For guessing the killer.

:iconlili-luu: lili-luu :iconlili-luu:

New OC: Ash by lili-luu And Then There Were ThreeOn a day just like any other, a mom and her daughter into a toyshop. They walk the ordinary aisles, with their ordinary toys. They come the aisle of dolls just like any other and the daughter's eyes come to rest upon a doll, which by chance, was certainly NOT like any other. But how could they have known? To them it was just a doll on a shelf. The daughter, as a young daughter would, pleaded for the doll, the doll with the pretty pink dress, the pretty brown eyes, and the pretty peace sign she held up.
The mother of course agreed, for what mother would refuse their daughter the thing she wanted most? The daughter cried out her thanks as her mother took it off the shelf. She gave herself a small smile. They go up to the cashier, just a bored looking girl chewing bubblegum. But her demeanor suddenly changed as she saw the seemingly ordinary doll. "You don't want that one. Any one but that one." The mother looked puzzled, while the daughter just plain furious. "Why not?" the mother asked,
DTA for candyt8 by lili-luu

:winner: Second Place
For being the best roleplayer.

:iconhazelstar67: Hazelstar67 :iconhazelstar67:

Happy Halloween- Free Pumpkin Icon! by Hazelstar67 Storm- Prologue                                                                                                         Prologue
            The sun was at its highest point in its daily journey across the sky. Warm light lit all, cold and shadows nowhere to be found. Mistystar padded across the soft green grass, looking around in awe. It wasn't her first time seeing StarClan, but every time she came she was filled with wonder. She
Halloween- Free Ghost Icon by Hazelstar67

:winner: Third Place
For being the killer.

:icondrippingwords: DrippingWords :icondrippingwords:

swallow the universedecay remembers you --
fever breath and ocean-eyed ghosts,
secrets that smoke with poison desire.
we wake only to drink, to devour
the naked voices of dismantled stars.
glass kisses turn into granite lips
and pillars of salt; a haunted embrace
melts into the cracks of the universe.
Heat AdvisoryWe are an air-mass thunderstorm at the height
of an Indian summer -- a cloudburst colliding
into a cyclone, raising the temperature of any
who wander through our sweaty inversion.
I soar above the earth buoyed on your thermals,
straight into a clap of thunder conceived by
lightning fever. A roiling heatwave travels
across our connection, evaporating the atmosphere
surrounding the eye of our storm. Your humid
breath wisps over the thermodynamics of my skin,
pushing cumulonimbus up the drought in my spine.
Muggy kisses trail down my body like volcanic ash,
a haze blurring the lines between our hurricanes.
And as the barometer spikes, my heartbeat quickens;
I am sucked into the vortex of your tropical storm.
a monster's romanticsI got a nervous habit and I drink too much.
Can you tell I haven’t slept very well since the last time
that we spoke? “We’re killing time just a little bit faster.”
The words come with a new kind of sadness.
If it looks like Armageddon’s coming down today,
please don’t tell me that I’m dreaming; I can’t tell
if he’s real or a made-up version of her again. And
the hardest part of living is just taking breaths to stay.

Thank you all, so much! From me a Valira1366 both...


:iconclapplz: :iconclapplz: :iconclapplz:

The Prizes They've Won

I will :note: you all about your prizes as soon as I can.

:winner: First Place
For guessing the killer.

3 Month Premium Membership - OfOneSoul
Permanent Feature in our Featured Folder - dANightsOfMystery
300 :points:- Valira1366
200 :points: - OfOneSoul
1 Art Commission - DrippingWords

:winner: Second Place
For guessing the killer, but not solving the case.

1 Month Premium Membership - OfOneSoul
200 :points: - Valira1366
100 :points: - OfOneSoul
1 Art Commission - DrippingWords

:winner: Third Place
For being the killer.

1 Month Premium Membership - OfOneSoul
200 :points: - Valira1366
100 :points: - OfOneSoul
1 Lit. Commission - OfOneSoul

All winners will receive a journal feature from OfOneSoul! :dummy:

The Guest List

Again, thank you to everyone for supporting this group's revival party and making the entire night possible. I love you all, dearly! :dummy:

journal skin by STelari
old paper texture by nevermoregraphix

Favorite Favorites: Issue #1

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 15, 2014, 6:35 PM
This is a feature that I meant to start one year ago
when I first commissioned ValaSedai to make this gorgeous stamp...

Favorite Favorites Stamp by ValaSedai by OfOneSoul
You may use this stamp if you
support the article or were
featured in it. :heart:

Issue #1

Favorite Favorites

The entire concept of this article was to show off the favorite favorites of my collections and the collections of others. I wanted to provide people with another opportunity to show a deviation that really touched and/or impressed them support when DDs are just beyond our reach.

Each article will feature the collections of 3 deviants. For this first issue I've chosen three very special deviants who I know have great tastes. I will pick 3 literature pieces and 3 visual pieces from their collections to feature here (as well as 3 of my own). :dummy:

Stay tuned at the end of the article to see how you can help me for future issues. Let's get started! :nuu:

NemoX7's Favorite Favorites

Calling Inspector Nemo. :salute:

The SelkieTeeth filed,
nails cut.
Tamed and
Made obedient.
She stands and listens
to the waves
to the chack chack chack
of pebbles
as the water pulls back.
It drowns out
the chack chack chack
of his words.
"Patience, patience",
she whispers.
As The LoverYou whisper
Beautiful lies into my bloodshot, swollen eyes
As you dab the blood off my flesh, where it had been running down my neck.
The Last Lemon DropAt the first fair I was seven
Dressed beautifully in neon Lights
I held two hands
entwined with my brother and sisters
between our Parents
on either side of the street
we stretch in front of the river of people,
a tiny Bridge of children.
We come to a halt at the candy shop
excitement like Static Electricity
sparking in our Veins
Daddy slides his magic square over the counter
and the candy man holds out our prizes
the kind of lemon drops that tango behind my eyes
and echo between my ears
warm, sweet, summer melts on my tongue
and we ran through the streetlights
joy Riding in our Steps
Even mommy Smiles
The hands of time moved Too fast
now my steps are Heavy
the candy turned to Ashes in my Throat
A cliff opened and a house divided
We children didn't build enough Bridges
so the glass house cracked and fell apart
I use my own credit card now
Sliding it across the counter to the same candy man
I ask
"How much does Happiness Cost?"

Panda ride by Ploopie rainbow water by textaphrenia A litte Scenery by Code-Scythe

Special Favorite

NakedI want you to look at me naked
No, I don’t mean in the comfort
of your bedroom twisted amongst silk sheets
as I lay beneath your looming figure
I mean look at me
in my flesh
in my barest form
parading my flaws
as if they are my trophies.
I want you to look at
this 5’5 frame of fragile bone
and pleasantly plump baggage
and see not the way
my hips curve underneath tightly
stretched skin or
the way my thighs touch in jeans that
hide my full waist,
instead I want you to
notice the way
my dimples curve like half full moons or
the way I bob my head to the
beat of my favorite song.  
I want you to notice
the way my shoulders are
always hunched over as if
my body is always asking a question
and the way my eyes dart skittishly
over the cracks in the pavement
because I'd rather notice
the weeds beneath my feet
than the perfect
that passed me by.  
I want you to look at
my petite hands and the chipped polish
that covers my nails and watch as they run

His comment on the deviation:

Extraordinary bit of writing. I applaud you. :clap: It is a strong soulful message for lots of people. I say you should be proud of your body, it's unique, no one else is going to have the exact same blend. Bravo for the incredible poem!

I've been looking around for my next selection for my Poem of the Day feature and I think I may have just found it with your poem. :rose:

Favorite Favorites

DailyLitRecognition's fearless leader. :flirty:

Call Girlshe stayed
     for a moment
with an arm
draped over by the shadow of a curtain
a dress folded in a half
in the crook of an elbow
      one of her cheek twitches
you touch her empty mouth
tangled up beneath the covers
her lipstick gets under your skin
a nerve irritated by the shape of a lace
half an hour tops not longer
you kiss her onto the lips eventually
jamming a tongue up the tonsils
       in the end a whore is just a whore
selective. hearing.I thought you said 'I love you',
but maybe you actually said 'I'll love you'
(they both sound the same)
and in brackets you meant;
('when you're someone else entirely').
Bibliophilia --C.To all the books I haven't read:
I have become your bookshelf
of dusted titles and busted spines
with arms that are full of fantasy
and romance and a head full
of memoirs I haven't written,
their lexicon curling my tongue
around five dollar word-plays
just behind the sheaf of my teeth.
With definitions straight to the point
and description airy and lofted
a dictionary defenestrates pages
that whirl into the night, petal
papers gliding like elegant
prose in a blank journal.
There is no table of contents
to map your way; follow the veins
ink leaves in the margins of my palms
because the books I've read tell me
if they give you ruled paper,
write the other way;

you are someone else's collage,
all the worn sad evidence of humanity,
stirred and sorted by a poet

because good books,
like bad people,
don't give up all their secrets at once.

Autumn Equinox - by UnripeHamadryad Yellow Rose by Patrick-Kramer Autumn by Kot-Filemon

Special Favorite

chillsmy favourite memory is that night when your whispers took walks on my skin and your heart made me feel self-conscious. that night when the moon was trying to wash you out but your smile was too much for it.
the night where you held my hand and told me to close my eyes and i waited for ages to open them and see you smiling back at me. i asked you what it was for and you said "i'm sorry, i forgot what i was going to say; it's just so calming to look at your face." and i wanted to cry.
sometimes i wonder what it's like for you now, how it feels to be weightless or maybe you are still rotting in your coffin. how am i supposed to know where you spend your after-life ? but sometimes, sometimes, i hope that the chill i feel at night is your smile in my hair, or you settling into bed with me once more.
i miss you.

Her comment on the deviation:

I really enjoy that there's a kind of juxtaposition between cold and warm going on - cold obviously prevails, but there's a real warmth to the memories.

SavageFrog's Favorite Favorites

The Frogson (Watson) to my Oneslock (Sherlock). :sherlock:

I Want To Travel The UniverseI'd like to be able to travel faster than light,
So I can coast through the Universe,
Witnessing the births and deaths of the stars.
I want to dive head first into a black hole,
Coming out the other end of this rip in Gravity.
I want to be so small I'd fit inside a quark 
That would fit in the atoms that bounce around
Inside these millions of stars.
I want to be so strong I have my own gravitational pull
And there would be planets, moons, and asteroids orbiting me.
I want to swim inside a nebula,
Basking in the radiation of ultraviolet light,
Only in this perfect world I can see
Everything without being blinded.
Then when I'm tired, 
I would drift back to Earth,
Tiptoeing back into my room,
Cause my parents wouldn't know I sneaked out.
I would crawl under my covers and smile so wide,
Cause nobody knows what I did that night
Except for me, and the stars sparkling in the sky.
Puppet String SymphonyHere come the snares,
wrenching at my heart;
like my tongue can’t find the words to say.
I've been resurrecting your skeletons,
just to place broken flesh over it and watch it all decay…
…scratching at freshly picked scars and rose petals,
while digging up old habits and hatchets;
just so I can whistle a tune so tragic.
Here comes the wind,
stomping at my lungs;
like my emotions are gasping to be released.
I've been coughing up your cover-ups,
just to place my index finger over it and watch it all cease…
…living in this darkness, sulfur-tipped match tossed in the breeze,
while thinking it’s just not worth the candle;
just so I can hum a song you can’t handle.
Here come the keys,
playing at my mind;
like all eighty-eight demons and angels serving one star.
I've been worshipping my self-inflicted headache,
two times twelve and that’s how many bars…
…I've got to show you the color I feel.
When the puppet string symphony beg
Ghost In The MachineGhost In The Machine
There were days
Melissa measured
her happiness in brightness,
when she would hold
her hands over her eyes
and the cracks of sunlight,
like old paint on drywall,
would shine through
to let her know exactly
who it was that held her.
Who is it?
And at that moment of recognition
Melissa felt…
...she felt okay.
More than photons
reflecting off of totem shells,
humanity is conch-cradled
in her dusk where light perception
is limited to the moon, where blind
is a swear word and an oath
dependent on a circadian
arcade: she is blind
and going blinder.
she allows herself a curfew
to blow out the lantern
and sing without color 
for the first time. 
you rely on a perfect balance—
trusting the sunshine to smile
on your bare arms at eight a.m.,
two p.m., half-past six and ticking on,
letting the moon comfort you
as patchwork clouds shawl over
midnight's studded shoulders,
leaving behind aspects of life:
natural, mundane, me

Sunset by colouredwalls Narrow Heart by sogni-di-margherita Riverwalk by goldomega

Special Favorite

Summoner Dude by LadyKuki
My comment on the deviation:

A gorgeous display of pixel art at its finest. Beautiful colors, adorable pose, and awesome character design. A brilliant deviation. :clap:

OfOneSoul's Favorite Favorites

The onesy-wearer herself. :horny:

Best Damn WomanWhen I was younger, my home life wasn't really conducive to having friends. My only friend for most of my life was my cousin. We were only a few months apart in age, but we felt like twins. Finished each others' sentences, would text the same things to each other at the same time, could sense when the other was in pain or just needed a pick me up.  We invaded each others' lives and were the last person we each said "I love you" to at the end of the day.
A little over a year ago, she was killed in a car wreck along with her husband. But there are times I still get those feelings. Still want to grab my phone and send a text. Sometimes, I've actually sent the text and then I wonder who the person is on the receiving end. They've never responded.  Not sure what I'd do if I did get a response.
I miss her more than I've ever missed anything. Even her faults. Like when she'd take over my house and force me to do something I didn't want to do. Joining dA was one of those take overs.&
The Poet's CurseIs there no prerogative
To paint in scarlet ink?
This flotsam and jetsam
Of bittersweet words
Across paper line walls,
Fingertip emotion strokes,
Drowns out
An indulgence internal
Of expressionless sprawls.
"Though where is the feeling?"
I hear the voices cry.
There! There is my heart,
Lonesome red
Upon a plinth of alabaster.
Alas that metronome
Has gone tick, tick, tick,
All the way home.
Yet from its silence,
My heart  beats forth a rhythm
And from that rhythm
Is born the chords of a rhyme
Before discord of time
Knocks out one last disaster
Of a suicidal verse.
That is the poet's curse.
Is there any legitimacy
To spoil a canvas blank?
That mumbo-jumbo
Of dimensional imagery
Upon poetic dust air,
Breathless notion escapes,
Pours forth
An obeisance obscure
By writer's block despair.
"Yet where is your perception?"
I hear the voices cry.
There! There are my eyes,
Forgotten echoes
Over a plaza of titanium.
Alas that serenade
Has died tick, tick, tick,
To a darkness fad
The Bird Who Would Be A GirlSwift. Swift. Swift.
Her struggling wings beat hard against the sky,
Her feathers soaked in rain and sleet as a boy came passing by.
Swift. Swift. Swift.
Hooves shook the earth as the prince went riding through the dark,
A fox whimpering death's last as his arrow found its mark.
Swift. Swift. Swift.
She sang beneath the thunder of a thousand crashing ships,
Her curse she knew would break against those golden gilded lips.
Swift. Swift. Swift.
She swam towards him, through the torrent of the night.
Swift. Swift. Swift.
He aimed his bow as he saw a sudden glint of white.
Swift. Swift. Swift.
A single arrow loosed as if from hell.
Swift. Swift. Swift.
It struck a heart.
Swift. Swift. Swift.
She fell.

Lost in the Trees by Super-Chi Desolation by MalinaMordis Fire by artviveslidia

Special Favorite

i don't have a dog1. i get up at ten.
this is an accomplishment.
by eleven, i’m awake enough to miss you.
to be honest, that part never goes away—
but eleven is when the typewriter grows fangs
and threatens to swallow everything i am
if i don’t put a name to the feeling. even the dog’s
tail does not wag. he keeps watching the door.
he will not even touch his food until the sun has
set as deep as possible. he is giving you every
chance to come back.
i try to tell him there’s no use,
that you will never come back.
but dogs don’t understand things like that,
don’t believe in the concept of ‘never come back’.
they believe in the sound of a key turning a lock
and the inevitable stomping of feet on the welcome mat
no matter how many times they’ve heard
the car engine start and the crunch of gravel as it pulls away.
2. this must be what missing you feels like.
i have lived lifetimes in the minutes i keep breathing.
i keep breathing. this is an accompl

My comment on the deviation:

This piece blew me away heart and soul from the first stanza to the last. :iconclapplz:

Thank you so much for sharing this. The use of a dog as a story-telling device to explain the narrator's emotional journey through heartbreak, loss, and finally... their revelation; it's genius. Beautiful work, my dear. :heart:

Special Favorite from SeeThroughtheMist

- who sent me a lovely :note: suggesting it. :heart:

tiny little piece of scrap paper / left behind / forgotten / unwanted / wonder whose it was? / where did the rest of you go? / is it in some student's folder? / is it in some fledgling artist's sketchbook? / is it a paper airplane poised for its first flight? / is it a paper boat, destined to float to a soggy, watery grave? / is it too in pieces like you, so made in a moment of frustration at an idea lost forever? / is it stuck in tiny specks to the walls of a classroom, legacy of a spitwad fight? / is it tinder for some flickering campfire? / is it shared with a friend who forgot their notebook? / is it folded into some fantastical origami creature? / is it destined to be stuck onto a paper-mache puppet? / is it bedding for some child's pet? / all i know is that the rest of this paper doesn't have this poem on it

The comment she included in her :note::

This is a favorite of mine just by how the author wrote it. Writing on a scrap of paper because they were bored in math class, only to be struck with inspiration and wrote this? I love all the reasons the author came up with to how the rest of the paper was used, and just the concept in general.

How you can help.

Want to further expose your Favorite Favorites and give amazing deviants what they deserve? Here's what you do:

:bulletblack: Create a collection called "Favorite Favorites".
:bulletblack: Add your favorite visual and literature pieces to this collection as often as you wish.
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Journal History


Kimberly Leffel
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

It's my time to shine! :iconwooooplz:

Stamp: OfOneSoul by BloodshotInk Favorite Favorites Stamp by ValaSedai by OfOneSoul The Narrative Kind of Lit. Stamp by ClefairyKid
Devious Nights of Mystery Stamp COM by ClefairyKid Stamp Commission by OKneko

My name is Kimberly Leffel and I am an artistic hobbyist. I draw because I have some skill and enjoy learning new things. I am mostly a writer and am working on several novel projects, including: The Abandonment, Loose Lips, His Name is Atlas, Sundown Ranch, Destiny's Wicked Games, and Blood Regent with my gorgeous friend, awholelotofflowers.

When it comes to writing I hope to make a career of it... all it takes is one day at a time. For a long time I forgot about DA, but now that I'm in a stable living environment, have an amazing fiance, and plenty of artistic time, I can get back on the bandwagon. :love:

I have officially been a member of this community for 4 Years. In January 2013 I was made a Senior Member by fourteenthstar; check out the Seniority Announcement here. For now, I continue my plan to help other artists of this wondrous website. I'm a Prose Admin. over at LitRecognition and am always accepting suggestions for features. Check out my guidelines on my profile! I am a Recruiter for GrimFace242's wonderful group, BeACritic. I am also a moderator over at the ever-productive and promotional group, GetDailyDeviations. I'm also the founder of two groups [under construction]:

:icondanightsofmystery: & :iconauthors-roundtable:

I love you all and can't wait to see what new works DA has to offer me today!

:heart: OfOneSoul :tighthug:

Feel free to add me on skype. :happybounce:

My username is "ofonesoul".

My beautiful devID is credit to WintersRead, my gorgeous avatar is thanks to ValaSedai, my badass "lit tag" is credit to GrimFace242, my killer journal skins are all thanks to STelari, and my SCWHEET gallery icons are all because of ClefairyKid. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

awholelotofflowers is my hoe, SavageFrog is the Frogson (Watson) to my Oneslock (Sherlock), NemoX7 (AKA Inspector Nemo) is my Llama Canon Inventor, LadyBitterblue is my love, IrrevocableFate is my favorite CV :flirty:, TwilightPoetess is my inspiration, and LadyLincoln is my idol! :dummy:


Deviants I Work With

... whether through commission or professional collaboration.

:iconawholelotofflowers: awholelotofflowers :iconawholelotofflowers:

This sexy lady and I are working on a novel together with the working title...

- Blood Regent.


Here's our intros to our characters.

Blood Regent: FaithfulThe rosary beads were cold on his fingertips. The old bricks of the church smelled of mold, corroded by the decades of winds breezing up from the Loch.
“Oh, my God, I am heartfully sorry for having offended Thee," he began reciting. He rolled the bead along the edge of his finger. The words spilled from his lips, memorized but still genuine. He lifted the stick until the votive candle finally breathed flame.
“- and I detest all my sins because of Thy just punishment, but most of all because I have offended Thee, my God…”
“Garrett,” a voice called from behind him.
“- Who is all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve…”
“Garrett, haven’t you asked enough?”
Garrett felt a hand brush his shoulder. His scar rubbed against the cloth and the feeling was unpleasant. Distant memories clouded his mind much like the skies the day he received the mark. He trembled as if lightning were coursing through him again.
Blood Regent: An Introduction“I’m sorry, you’re doing what?”
Danica threw another pair of underwear into her suitcase, not bothering to make even a semblance of folding. She wasn’t happy about the need to pack, and if she didn’t get to complain about it and have people take her seriously, she was damn well going to get to throw shit around like a freaking toddler. She turned to her friend—all five-five, mocha-skinned, ready to rip someone a new one of her—and put on her best frustrated face. “Look, Cass, I told you already.”
“Oh, I’m sorry that it’s taking me more than a minute to grasp the fact that you agreed to marry some bozo named Scott Finnegan.”
“He’s not a bozo,” she muttered, half-assed. She wasn’t even really fighting it, he was a bozo, but he was a bozo who had money and seemed to like the idea of having an intellectual for a trophy wife. He wasn’t her proudest moment—fifteen ye

Deviants I will commission forever & always and recommend to everyone:
:iconclefairykid:, :iconvalasedai:, :iconstelari:, :iconpainted-bees:, :iconnamirenn:, :iconkimir-ra:, :iconirenhorrors:,
:iconeferroli:, :iconamericandork:, :icondjinngin:, :iconkeelerleah:, & :iconcristianaleone:


Coeur de Pirate by AquaSixio

Coeur de Pirate

by AquaSixio
I would love it if someone would buy me AquaSixio's Coeur de Pirate. Not only is it gorgeous & creative but it's my favorite fucking piece of theirs. :stare:
CHECK IT OUT, NOW! :happybounce:

If anyone is feeling generous or perhaps... feels like wasting some of their hard-earned :points: and/or money - feel free to buy me something I don't actually need. :tighthug:


OfOneSoul has started a donation pool!
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OfOneSoul here! :wave: I would greatly appreciate any :points: donations you, my lovelies, could give! I purchase a lot of premiums for people and try my best to donate prizes for contests and other projects. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!

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DailyLitRecognition: Prose Admin.

Send me your prose suggestions!

I am a LitRecognition Prose Admin.!


Hi, everyone! :wave: I have recently joined on as a Prose Admin. over at the lovely group, DailyLitRecognition, or LitRecognition. I am now accepting suggestions through :note: for prose pieces you think deserve to be featured. :heart: My preferences are:

:bulletblack: Fiction
:bulletblack: Horror/Thriller
:bulletblack: Tragedy
:bulletblack: Romance
:bulletblack: Self-suggestions

Do not suggest:

:bulletred: Chaptered works
:bulletred: Fan-Fiction
:bulletred: POETRY

You know... cuz I'm a prose admin. :iconfacepalmplz:

Please include in your :note: a :thumb: for the piece you're suggesting - and if you wish, a few sentences explaining why you think it deserves a feature. :huggle:

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