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... can you guess the killer?
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The Best of Today

:dalove: The Best of Today is my newest project in support of my fellow deviants.

I will feature a single piece that significantly impressed me daily. This feature will stay up 24 hours.

To view past The Best of Today features, visit here.

DDs I've Suggested

I Suggest DDs by ClefairyKid
I am an avid Daily Deviation suggester. I try to make at least one suggestion every day.

Thus far, these pieces have been chosen. :deviation:

If you would like me to view a piece you believe is DD worthy: feel free to :note: me.

Random from Art For Me

Here's my way of saying...

Thank you! :dummy:

All art featured in this collection was created for me by other deviants either as a commission, prize, gift, etc.

Go admire all the absurdly amazingness within! :tantrum:


Life is now by AquaSixio

Life is now

by AquaSixio
I would love it if someone would buy me AquaSixio's Life is now. Not only is it gorgeous & creative but it's my favorite fucking piece of theirs. :stare:
CHECK IT OUT, NOW! :happybounce:

If anyone is feeling generous or perhaps... feels like wasting some of their hard-earned :points: and/or money - feel free to buy me something I don't actually need. :tighthug:

New to Literature on DA?

New to Literature on DA?
OfOneSoul here. :wave:

I'm attempting to take a greater role in the DA Literature Community. To begin with, I'll be featuring a few links: how to suggest a lit. piece for a DD, how to contact a lit. Gallery Moderator, where to visit for great lit. news, etc.

Deviant Pages & Groups W/ Info On Lit.



:iconirrevocablefate:, :iconladyofgaerdon:, :iconatrue:,
:iconladylincoln:, :iconmemnalar:, :icongrimface242:, :icontwilightpoetess:, :iconliliwrites:, & :icondreamsinstatic:, etc..
:note: me if you know of someone I should add.


:iconauthors-roundtable:, :iconthewrittenrevolution:, :iconcommunityrelations:, :iconwriteaway:, :icondaliteraturecontests:, :icondailylitdeviations:, :iconcrliterature:, :iconlove-literature:, :iconauthors-club:, :iconelocutionists:, :iconlitplease:, :icongetdailydeviations:, etc.

:note: me if you know of another group I should add.

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FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on deviantART?

Visit Moonbeam13's journal for more helpful information.

If you have any suggestions on something I might add to this box, feel free to :note: me. :tighthug:

:heart: OfOneSoul


deviantARTing: Commissions

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 1:36 PM
Welcome to OfOneSoul's first issue of...

Keep on deviantARTing!

... and for the Hell of it, Thorgeous and Sexki will be hosting this article's .gifs.

de·vi·ant·ART·ing [dee-vee-un'nt-ART-eeng]
:bulletblack: performing an action involving or within the deviantART community.
:bulletblack: supporting fellow deviants.
:bulletblack: submitting or appreciating art on this glorious website
:bulletblack: reading delicious articles written by deviants with too much time on their hands. :shifty:

Issue #1

The object of my article, keep on deviantARTing, is to explain certain aspects of devianART that sometimes get muddled or some may not fully understand. I have become rather adept at commissioning others and felt that my knowledge in this may be of use to some people. So let's discuss the process of:



... but I'm gonna do my best to explain it to ya. :stare:

The first thing to remember whether you're offering commissions or looking to commission an artist are COMMISSION JOURNALS or any area on a deviant's page where they explain what they offer, and how much it is. :dummy:

The three main ways artist's advertise their commissions are through:

:bulletred: Commission journals detailing and providing examples of their styles and prices.
:bulletred: Commission widgets where they offer :points: commissions for their work.
:bulletred: Commission deviations where they provide minimal info and examples.

The following artists whose commission journals, widgets, etc. that I'm going to use for examples are both trustworthy, reasonable, and talented.

The main thing to notice about CristianaLeone's Commission Journal is that it is concise and provides all necessary information that a buyer might need. The first things you should notice are:

:bulletred: The artist's status. Whether or not they are currently accepting commissions.
:bulletred: What the artist offers. As you can see, CristianaLeone details and provides examples of each of her styles and mediums.
:bulletred: The artist's rules and what they can and cannot do.
:bulletred: Last but not least, the artist's payment method and how to contact them.

Now you're probably thinking...

... yeah, I already knew most of that.:paranoid:



When it comes to Commission Widgets I will be using the lovely GrimFace242's widget for an example:

... as you can see, I've already requested one. :giggle:

When using Commission Widgets it's important to remember several things. 1. You can only use Commission Widgets on :points: commissions. 2. You must edit your page to include it so that others can see what you offer. 3. You will not receive :points: nor have :points: deducted until the artist has accepted the commission through their message centre. 4. Commission widgets are convenient but provide minimal information. The first things you should notice on the widget are:

:bulletred: What exactly the artist is offering.
:bulletred: How many :points: they charge.
:bulletred: If you've already requested the item. :eyes:

Here are a few great faqs regarding the Commissions Widget:

Okay, yeah... I've still got moar to say.

... Jesus, don't kill meh. :iconawkwardplz:

Commission Info Deviations

I will be using the lovely EFerroli's deviation as an example:

Commission info by EFerroli

I, personally, find Commission Deviations extremely useful for a number of reasons. The main one being... quick advertisement. For those who are subscribed and can use thumbs you can literally link this artist's commission info anywhere at any time on this site! :dummy: The first things you should notice about EFerroli's Commission Deviation are:

:bulletred: The different mediums, styles the artist offers.
:bulletred: The approximate price for each.
:bulletred: The things the artist will and will not do.

As I said before - I do prefer Commission Deviations, but the only downside is the minimal information provided. If you would like to know EVERYTHING about the artist you're commissioning, or if you're the artist and would like others to know when you are or are not accepting new commissions... journals are probably the way to go.

To close this article I would like to offer a special prize to anyone reading this. :iconteheplz:

100 :points:

... to be exact.

You may be wondering, how do I win this fabulous prize??? :iconlaplz:

Well, my lovelies, here's what you do:

:bulletred: Comment on this journal with either a link to your commission information... or:
:bulletred: Comment on this journal with a SHINING review of someone else's commissions. :horny:
:bulletred: Wait for the random drawing that will occur on September 5th, 2014.


... I have personally commissioend each of the following artists and reccomend them to anyone and everyone.:dummy:

:iconcristianaleone: CristianaLeone

The Abandonment by CristianaLeone Discovering Love by CristianaLeone
Dark Wizards by CristianaLeone The visitor by CristianaLeone

Above you can see the many pieces I have commissioned CristianaLeone to make. Not only is her work always of the greatest quality, but she creates it in a timely manner. She is also EXTREMELY easy to work with and completely trustworthy. I recommend CristianaLeone to any artist who wants to see their characters come to life, or themselves as a fantasy character. Here is a link to her Commissions Journal. :heart:

:iconwintersread: WintersRead

OfOneSoul ID by WintersRead by OfOneSoul

Although I recieved WintersRead Minimal ID as a gift, I was still greatly pleased with its quality and how easy it was to work with him. Here is a link to his Commissions Journal. :heart:

:iconclefairykid: ClefairyKid

Illustrate My Story Stamp by ClefairyKid GalleryIconSet - OfOneSoul by ClefairyKid Devious Nights of Mystery Stamp COM by ClefairyKid
dANightsofMystery Banner1 by ClefairyKid dANightsofMystery BannerCom2 by ClefairyKid Banner3 by ClefairyKid

ClefairyKid is such an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only are her prices EXTREMELY reasonable, but her pixel art and animation is always well worth the money. Here is a link to her Commissions Journal. :heart:

:iconvalasedai: ValaSedai

Time by ValaSedai

ValaSedai created my GORGEOUS icon. :heart: I've always loved it and she is always a pleasure to work with. You'll have to :note: her about commissions because I couldn't find a journal. :paranoid:

:iconstelari: STelari

Membership: Win 1, get 1 free!That's right... :iconwooooplz:
Premium Membership
:iconlachoirplz: :iconlaplz: :iconlachoirplz:
In the spirit of my great and awesome return to DA... :dummy: - I would like to give away 10 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPs. You biz-natches heard right.
Considering that this is the first time I will be doing this giveaway, I'll start with 1 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS. This giveaway is all in the spirit of community, forgivness :forgiveme:, & LOVE. :tighthug: There are just a few rules to follow... so please,

... or evil goblins hungry for premium memberships will come in the night and eat them all up.
:icondeathglareplz: It's
 & The Funeral Service: The Winners!dANightsOfMystery presents...
  :iconsplz::iconeplz::iconrplz:  :iconvplz:  :iconiplz::iconcplz::iconeplz:
... more than just a death in the family.

First and foremost; this Murder Mystery Party is being hosted by the group dANightsOfMystery.
It is my unfortunate duty to inform you that Fiona Claythorne, The Heiress, is now recently deceased. OfOneSoul and awholelotofflowers are your hostesses for this tragic turn of events. In an attempt to qualm your fears of a medium consorting with the late Fiona Claythorne, we assure you that Gerald Graves will not be attending this funeral.
So please, honor the Claythorne Family and pay your respects to a great woman, however scan

STelari created the gorgeous journal skins you see in these two journals... AND THIS ONE AS WELL!!! Her prices are always reasonable and she always creates quality work. Here is a link to her Commissions Journal. :heart:

:iconnamirenn: namirenn

commission - Swan Lake by namirenn

namirenn created this gorgeous ID for me many a year ago and I have always loved it. She is so charming and has very reasonable prices on her traditional pieces. Here is a link to her Commissions Journal. :heart:

:iconirenhorrors: IrenHorrors

Madame White by IrenHorrors

IrenHorrors has an AMAZING style that she offers at reasonable prices. I have only worked with her just recently, but she is extremely kind, charming, and easy to talk to. You'll have to :note: her because I could not find a commissions journal. :paranoid:

:iconeferroli: EFerroli

Commission= Cassiel and Barlowe by EFerroli

I cannot stress enough how amazing EFerroli is to commission! She's quick, she keeps you involved, and her commissions are reasonably priced. I mean, check out how gorgeous my OCs are in her style!!! Go check out her Commissions Journal. :heart:

That's all I have to offer of my knowledge on commissions. :phew: So, thanks for stopping by, and...

Keep on deviantARTing!!!


:heart: OfOneSoul

journal skin by STelari
old paper texture by bashcorpo

Membership: Win 1, get 1 free!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 22, 2014, 7:32 AM
That's right... :iconwooooplz:

Premium Membership


:iconlachoirplz: :iconlaplz: :iconlachoirplz:

In the spirit of my great and awesome return to DA... :dummy: - I would like to give away 10 PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPs. You biz-natches heard right.



Considering that this is the first time I will be doing this giveaway, I'll start with 1 MONTH PREMIUM MEMBERSHIPS. This giveaway is all in the spirit of community, forgivness :forgiveme:, & LOVE. :tighthug: There are just a few rules to follow... so please,


... or evil goblins hungry for premium memberships will come in the night and eat them all up.

:icondeathglareplz: It's true. I've seen them.

:icondplz::iconaplz:            :iconrplz::iconu-plz::iconlplz::iconeplz::iconzplz:
... they must be followed, or the goblins will come. :stare:

:bulletred: You must :+fav: this journal to spread the word. :salute:
:bulletred: Post a comment in this journal suggesting someone else who deserves to win the Premium Membership. (Most important rule.) :turbopoke:
:bulletred: In your comment, include a few sentences about why your friend is SO great, talented, and awesome that they deserve to win. :dalove:
:bulletred: And then chill the fuck out and wait. :stare: JK, fuck that rule. What's fun about chilling? :squee:

Other details you may care to know...


Once there are at least 50 participants, or it is August 31st, 2014, I will randomly choose 5 of those who commented and give a 1 Month Premium Membership to them and the friend they suggested and spoke so highly about.

:iconteheplz: It's called good karma, bitches.

Out of those 5 commenters, I will then choose one lucky person to recieve a 3 Month Premium Membersip. (And their special friend will recieve one as well.) :nuu:

I want everyone to really think about someone who deserves to win something. Someone who has made an impact on you or the community in some way. I want to give back, and I want those who really deserve it to win. :blush:


... and because I've really been meaning to show this gurl some credit.:paranoid:

:iconofonesoul: OfOneSoul says: I think CristianaLeone deserves a premium membership. She is such a lovely, caring person and an amazing artist to commission. She just recently finished my commission, "The Abandonment" (small plug is small):
The Abandonment by CristianaLeone

- and it simply blew me away. She is such a pleasure to work with and makes the entire process that much easier. If anyone deserved a reward, it would be her. :heart:

It's just that easy!


Now, go start commenting with your lovely compliments of your fellow deviants and who knows...

- you might get a Premium Membership out of it!

:iconeplz: :iconnplz: :icontplz: :iconrplz: :iconaplz: :iconnplz: :icontplz: :iconsplz:
... so far. :shifty:

1. 7Demented and their nomination, Letmis.
2. VivaFariy and their nomination, Maid--Of--Space.
3. Cionie, and their nomination, QuixoticApricot.
4. Arbitrary-Means, and their nomination, gracefulsunshine.
5. DeniseCroy, and their nomination, LN-au-carre.
6. In-Times-Of-Change, and their nomination, Art-JS.
7. nonetheIess, and their nomination, Gossamier.
8. TrainerTimpani, and their nomination, TwiHungerCity17.
9. holster262, and their nomination, AterImber.
10. wesleydog, and their nomination, boooeyyyy.
11. CrimsonSeal, and their nomination, chacusha.
12. Digigex90, and their nomination, ChaudStarpower.
13. LittleLilysCupcake, and their nomination, Nightmare-Loon.
14. MissButterfly11, and their nomination, StarfireTamaran472.
15. theWitchofGrich, and their nomination, BlueBubbleButterfly.
16. trejowauk, and their nomination, Basher954.
17. Kit8, and their nomination, bannylou.
18. Rainbows, and their nomination, MagicCafe.
19. Midnight--Comet, and their nomination, Insanity-is-who-I-am.
20. FairyGal11, and their nomination, XSreiki772.
21. moulinrougegirl77, and their nomination, RvBPhoenix.
22. KikiAndBri, and their nomination, RosaDunsparce.
23. RemixedMagic, and their nomination, wrath-kakerou.
24. issapiie, and their nomination, volleyboys.
25. toastermadness, and their nomination, TheStalkerBunny.
26. shahima11, and their nomination, turtle33334.
27. Jaylin-Raven-100, and their nomination, MagicBirdie.
28. Serix-RehaChan, and their nomination, calamitymasters.
29. slayingallhumans, and their nomination, AgentQStables.
30. Mystic-Wolf-Of-Snow, and their nomination, hiniko.
31. TheMysteriousPoet, and their nomination, Banshee-Scream.
32. rainylake, and their nomination, WintersRead.
33. DrippingWords, and their nomination, RainbowMonkeh.
34. amour-raven, and their nomination, A-Shadow-Rose.
35. SpiralingSpontaneity, and their nomination, Aerode.
36. leti-no-baka, and their nomination, Lunarlay.
37. Introvertedghost, and their nomination, schriftsteller.
38. wrath-kakerou, and their nomination, RemixedMagic.
39. AzureFTW, and their nomination, fortiseryn.
40. MagnaDk, and their nomination, Patty-Blau.
41. SkeyeStorm, and their nomination, Muffinluver9000.
42. SeeThroughtheMist, and their nomination, 1Julivia.
43. Spirit-and-Rain, and their nomination, qBATGIRLq.
44. LifeIsToBeHappy, and their nomination, TheSoundofProgress.
45. Aerode, and their nomination, SpiralingSpontaneity.
46. qBATGIRLq, and their nomination, Spirit-and-Rain.
47. NewleafsPawprint, and their nomination, Icevia.
48. xSweetKawaii, and their nomination, thequxxn.
49. KittyKattara-Builds, and their nomination, Makdragon8.

:heart: OfOneSoul

journal skin by STelari
old paper texture by frameofthoughts


Kimberly Leffel
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

It's my time to shine! :iconwooooplz:

Stamp: OfOneSoul by BloodshotInk

My name is Kimberly Leffel and I am an artistic hobbyist. I draw because I have some skill and enjoy learning new things. I am mostly a writer and am working on several novel projects, including: The Abandonment, Loose Lips, His Name is Atlas, Sundown Ranch, & Destiny's Wicked Games.

When it comes to writing I hope to make a career of it... all it takes is one day at a time. For a long time I forgot about DA, but now that I'm in a stable living environment, have an amazing fiance, and plenty of artistic time, I can get back on the bandwagon. :love:

I have officially been a member of this community for 4 Years. In January 2013 I was made a Senior Member by fourteenthstar; check out the Seniority Announcement here. For now, I continue my plan to help other artists of this wondrous website. But what is my next dA goal?

Community Volunteer, yo!? :iconpimpplz:

Can't wait to see what new works DA has to offer me today!

:heart: OfOneSoul :tighthug:

Feel free to add me on skype. :happybounce:

My username is "ofonesoul".

My beautiful devID is credit to WintersRead. He offers commissions for them, check it out!


My Volunteer Work On DA

Authors-Roundtable :iconauthors-roundtable: Authors-Roundtable

I am the founder of the DA lit. group - Authors-Roundtable! :hooray:

Join the knights of literature's figurative roundtable where the pen is mightier than the sword! Here you will get the chance to receive feedback, participate in lit. contests, & (hopefully) slay dragons. If you have any suggestions or are interested in the group feel free to :note: me or comments on my page.

dANightsOfMystery :icondanightsofmystery: dANightsOfMystery

I am the founder of the Murder Mystery Party group - dANightsOfMystery!

Whether you're solving or committing the murder, there's plenty of ways to get involved in our Devious Nights of Mystery. If you have any suggestions or are interested in the group feel free to :note: me or comments on my page.


Deviants I Work With

... whether through commission or professional collaboration.

:iconawholelotofflowers: awholelotofflowers :iconawholelotofflowers:

This sexy lady and I are working on a novel together. :iconlachoirplz:

We don't have a title yet - but you better believe
it's going to blow your brains out your asses.
I really hope not. I don't wish your deaths...
so perhaps for your own safeties, don't ever read it.
Cuz it will do that.

FloodgatesWe’re lined up as we enter Year Seven.
Rulers are pulled out, skirts inspected. Three inches above the knee, no more.
Our skirts are millimeters too short. We hope to pass. If we pass, we’re allowed into the house. Those who don’t are sent home so their mothers can mend what’s broken.
They scour for torn hems, loose stitches, and find none. But Marissa filled out over the summer, and the back of her skirt rises up her thigh nearly an inch above an appropriate level. We share a knowing glance as she flows out of our line, thrust back into the office where someone will call her mother to gather her. Our mothers taught us to lean back when the ruler passed, to let the hem dip down to the creases of our knees. No one would know. When we pass, we share a silent victory.
When they can’t hear us, we whisper about Marissa’s chest, how red splotches cover her nose and cheekbones. We think she won’t come back, girls like her never do, and seventh years a
NarcissusThe cardinal at the side window
went to war this morning.
I woke to the sound of his tapping
on the glass, a steady rhythm of
red beak against window
as he went in for the kill.
Every few moments,
between the jabs against his reflection,
he would chirp at himself,
a high metallic chip to ward off
the intruder in his territory.
I watched inside from under the ceiling fans
as he struck the window,
as if the red-breasted bird he saw
had uttered some unspoken travesty upon him.
My sister said he found himself handsome,
had fallen in love with himself years before
and kept coming to see his reflection one more time.
He came back each March to knock against the window,
and I knew even then his black eyes held no attraction
for the bird that looked back.
I put my finger against the glass,
tapping at him with stubby digits,
and thought that surely some damage would come
from knocking your head against a pane of glass.
Or perhaps what started as a war against his blurred twin
had twisted into h

Cattle GraveyardThere are bones scattered in the grasses,
gray and faded, hidden between scrubs
and pricker bushes.
The summer air is thick in my throat
as I dig for bone treasures, a jaw,
a femur; if I'm lucky, I'll find an intact spine,
vertebrae still hanging together like a silver bracelet.
The coyotes live in a cluster of trees across the field,
restless as they wait for the next death
from infection in the lungs, fever, old age.
The last one to die was Railey, and she's
over by the oasis, her hide stretched thin over opalescent bones
picked clean by the buzzards circling
like puppets on wires above my head.
Their shadows on the ground before me are hallucinogens,
dizzying me for the hunt as I stumble
toward thick-boned skulls to mount on my bedroom wall.
Once, I believed they came here to die,
knew to lay down with their late kin;
I know now the rancher and his boy drag the carcasses
far from the barn and main house
to keep the coyotes at bay.
My father tells me the cattle mourn their dead,
Soul FoodMy sister took me to some joint on South Street,
this fusion dive with food from the other side of the world.
The girl on the register, young, from the university,
knows her well from her nightly visits for spice fixes.
She's got the order up when we pull the front door,
the whiff of fiery food soon curing the inside of our noses.
We're given corn fritters in sweet chili oil,
curried chicken with rice.
The scorch of fenugreek & cumin crusted fish
or wok fried ginger with cucumber relish
begins to burn a hunger deep in my gut.
My sister tells me it's her soul food,
the fried corn & peppers spicing our tongues,
the hint of thyme and turmeric in our mouths for hours.
"It melts my bones," she tells me.
"Slickens me into liquid blends of spice, of blood."
She needs melting like I need her,
the desire for some filling between the ribs,
for gingered moments of contentment in the soul.
In the fog of post-gorge we stroll the west shore,
the fizz and froth of surf rising to greet us,
wandering t

Deviants I will commission forever & always and recommend to everyone:
:iconclefairykid:, :iconvalasedai:, :iconstelari:, :iconpainted-bees:, :iconnamirenn:, :iconkimir-ra:, :iconirenhorrors:,
:iconeferroli:, :iconamericandork:, :icondjinngin:, :iconfee-absinthe:, :iconay-u:, :iconkeelerleah:, & :iconcristianaleone:

My Best Buds!

My Best Buds!

My DA Loves

:iconawholelotofflowers: :iconamour-raven:
:iconcristianaleone: :iconjust-a-dabbler:


Friends in Real Life

:iconvalira1366: :iconbirdkisses:


OfOneSoul has started a donation pool!
3,005 / 10,000

OfOneSoul here! :wave:

I would greatly appreciate any :points: donations you, my lovelies, could give!

I purchase a lot of premiums for people and try my best to donate prizes for contests and other projects.

You must be logged in to donate.

At 5 P.M. [Central Standard Time] I'll use to select one of my watchers to receive a 1 Month Premium Membership or 396 :points:! :eyes: 

5 deviants said I got to see this poll cuz I'm watching you. :horny:
4 deviants said Me... Me, me, me! Please, Gawd, me! :wave: [Calm down, it's random.] :stare:
1 deviant said Stop giving so many things away!!! You're smothering us!!! :faint: [NEVAH!] :shakefist:
No deviants said I'm giving more away... so go look at it. :stab:
No deviants said Comment with a project, giveaway, contest, etc. that you're hosting. :squee:

Loki Fandom

Loki's Fangirls

Alistair Fandom

Alistair, King of Ferelden




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athr10 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wondering: What's happening with your groups "Authors-RoundTable" and "dANightsOfMystery"? For they both seem very interesting, especially the latter, though, looking at them, they don't seem very active...
shehrozeameen Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Writer
Kimberly, you are a blessing for countless people here on dA. You support so many people without once asking for anything in return, and even then - even after all that support - you never make us feel as if we are falling short, or that we are being left out in any way or being unfair towards you. Always with a smile on your face, always with a lot of pride - you've been a wonderful sweetheart to so many out there both in real life and on dA.

And I'm proud to all you a friend. I'm proud to address you as a writer. I'm proud to proclaim to the world that you've become one year more wiser than me, and are willing to share that wisdom with the world. I'm so proud of you, Kimberly. Never forget that. Stay strong, stay happy - have a wonderful time, do whatever you have always wanted to do. Never hold back - you're a giant in your own right, and I'm glad you're here on dA and your writing and posting and being a pillar for the literature community here.

:hug: I pray for your success in life. Keep writing and never hold back. You're a precious gem - a hessonite always radiant with energy and hope to share with the world. Cheers, and stay happy.
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*OLD-School Popcorn* While I stare wide eyed at your page. But thanks for the fav.
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